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Healthy ears, skin and mouth are important for keeping our pets happy and comfortable that’s why Manny the Frenchie has chosen to partner with ZYMOX and ORATENE. We have seen firsthand the benefits of using the products. We especially like how the dermatology products have helped keep Manny’s ears and skin healthy without antibiotics. Ear infections can be so painful and sometimes hard to get rid of and ZYMOX has helped bring relief. A healthy mouth is also important but it can be a challenge to brush daily and the ORATENE products make it so easy because they work without brushing. When Manny is healthy, he is happy and gets to do what he loves most – spread the happiness.

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ZYMOX Enzymatic Dermatology antibiotic alternatives feature the patented LP3 Enzyme System for use on infected ears, itchy allergy skin, hot spots and wounds

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ORATENE Brushless Oral Care eliminates odor-causing bacteria, plaque bio-film and also is beneficial to pets on medications and with certain health conditions such as diabetes.